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The Football Effect

By lucmin on 12th June 2018

The British can usually be relied upon to be passionate about two things: football and property. So during the World Cup tournament, what effect is football mania likely to have on the property market, and how will we, as estate agents, adapt to this?

The market itself is has been subject to lower volumes this year, frequently now being referred to as “The Brexit effect”. Nevertheless, we have actually had a fantastic year so far and would say the market, from our perspective, is “in balance”.

However, many of those who were planning to put their home on the market this summer may delay doing so either because they do not want to be distracted during the World Cup or they anticipate lower buyer activity during the period.

We expect that this temporary shortage of stock, where property is otherwise selling quickly, will make it easy for sellers to achieve a good price for their home, as serious buyers will not be distracted by the football!

Nevertheless, during the last world cup it was estimated that at least 50% of the UK population watched the England matches. So considerate estate agents will be fully aware of the match schedule and how this will affect not only viewings, but also the availability of surveyors, financial services advisors, and solicitors at potentially critical times in a sale’s progress.

So as well as cheering for England, we’ll also be keeping a close eye on the fixture list and planning accordingly.

In the meantime, if you’d like to kick off with an idea of the value of your property during in this exciting time, then please feel free to pass the ball to the ref, George Tatham-Losh on 01242 257333 or 01452 597994 today. He really knows the score!

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