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Student Lets

At Move we have a proven track record of delivering the very best returns for all kinds of properties across Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. We feel there is a real gap in the market for good quality student rentals.

The Move agents understand what your property means to you so we take pride in providing friendly and helpful advice from the outset; we can therefore assure you that we will keep your best interests at the forefront of our approach.

With our brilliant & dedicated lettings team’s vast knowledge of the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire market, we are confident that our modern approach to student lettings is second to none.

We have recently achieved one of the highest student rents within Gloucestershire as we acknowledge that not all tenants are alike. Whilst some are looking for cheaper properties, others are looking for more ‘up-market’ accommodation which have a higher monthly rent. This is often reflected by the high-calibre student renters who approach us. This is where we think there is a lack of landlords offering this type of student accommodation.

Gloucestershire University is very popular with international students (from over 50 countries) due to the vast amount of courses available and the beautiful landscape it is surrounded by. International students are not often exposed to the same bursaries and loans available to the British Citizen counterparts which means that they need to pay their fees in full.

Gone are the days where landlords are flooded by paperwork and tenant maintenance requests. Move has changed the game in student lets as we understand what the modern tenant is looking for in their accommodation search, and the modern landlord’s needs. We believe this is where we differ from other agents as they fail to have a clean-cut approach.

Our director, George Tatham-Losh, has a whole host of experience in advising landlords of the best aspects of student accommodation and how to maximise yields. Not only that but, we also offer various service options so that we truly are a one-stop shop for all landlords’ needs. We are well aware that the modern landlord is no longer ‘just’ a landlord. They quite often have a ‘9-5’ job that requires their attention. This is why we can handle all aspects of the process so that you don’t have to.

Our mission is to simply make your life less complicated and we will not be happy unless you are.
Whether you have 1 property or 10, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why all landlords should have student housing in their portfolio

In a climate where more and more people are choosing to study at university/higher education, the demand for student accommodation is ten fold. In fact, according to the Department of Education, 50.2% of young people aged 17-30 enrolled on undergraduate courses in British institutions; we are sure you will agree that this is an impressive figure. To put this closer to home, the ever-popular University of Gloucestershire currently has over 10,000 students meaning that there is a very real demand for student accommodation in the surrounding area.

For some landlords it may be a daunting throughout, however, landlords should not let this get in the way of a great revenue stream as students can often be the most reliable renters. Due to their age and being in full time education, students will frequently pay rent up front and come with family members as guarantors – often guaranteeing rent is paid on time. Another benefit is the ability for landlords to financially plan well in advance as students will usually organise accommodation up to 6 months in preparation of the next academic year to ensure peace of mind that accommodation is secured. Of course, there is an element of downside in the fact that students are not long-term renters and will vacate at the end of the academic year in most cases. Whilst this does include finding new tenants (where we come in!) it more importantly means that there is predictable security due to student’s studying commitments and the knowledge of the academic year. Move ensures that the property is marketed at the correct time when students are looking for their next home for the following academic year.

Stereotypically, students do not have access to larger sums of money for a deposit. Whilst this doesn’t sound enticing from the outset, this can be a huge benefit for landlords when it comes to the students departing. The students are likely to be relying on receiving their full deposit back at the end of the term in order to fund the deposit on their next place. This means that they are much more likely to return the accommodation clean and with no damage. It also helps that students are much more frugal and more health conscious these days so the stereotypical thoughts of students throwing wild parties should not be held in a great respect.

Despite the great benefits to student accommodation rentals, it is important to have a great agent on your side – this is where Move’s very own superstar letting agents come in. Not only do they take all the hard workout of the situation, they take pride in providing an excellent experience for both landlords and tenants alike. This allows busy landlords to concentrate on other things in their schedules whilst we handle the rest. Whoever said “you can’t have your cake and eat it” certainly hasn’t met the Move agents!

It is imperative that landlords market their student lets with an agent who has in-depth knowledge and experience of the market. Contact us today through one of our offices below.