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Seriously Clean

By lucmin on 4th June 2020

There is clean and then there is clean!

We insist that our landlords’ properties are thoroughly cleaned between tenancies. This is not only to ensure that we maximise the rent paid, but a tenant is more likely to treat an immaculately clean property with more respect and leave it in a good state of repair at the end of the tenancy.

However, in order to a reduce costs, some tenants ask if they can clean the property themselves, or even call in a cleaning company. In most cases we say no! This is not because we doubt their ability to do a reasonable job. It’s simply that “reasonable” is just not good enough, as there is a huge difference between a domestic clean and a professional “end-of-tenancy” clean.

For example, a domestic clean, even by a professional company, might include a wipe down of appliances, ovens, baths and showerheads, etc. However, an end-of-tenancy clean to our standard would ensure that the appliances are disinfected, run on “boil wash”, polished to a shine, and left with the door open to prevent mould.

Ovens are deeply scrubbed so there is no evidence of any previous tenant’s burnt lasagne. Plugholes are dissembled and hair and sludge completely removed. Showerheads are not just polished but cleared of any limescale too. Fridges and freezers are defrosted, sanitised and dried. No sweetcorn there!

Carpets are not just vacuumed, but furniture is moved so that every space is dust-free. In many cases, carpets and furnishings are professionally steam-cleaned too. Windows are polished inside and out.

Imagine staying in a four- or five-star hotel. You would not expect any evidence of previous occupation; it should be as if your room has been prepared especially for you. That’s how we feel about cleaning done properly! In fact, our obsessive attention to such detail runs through most of our business too – our reputation hangs on it! Why not put us to the test?  

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