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Moving Day

By lucmin on 16th May 2018

Last year we looked at the most popular day to complete on a home purchase and found that around half of sales complete on a Friday. We have now looked to see how this compares with tenants starting a new lease.

Unsurprisingly, the end of the week and weekend is the most popular time to move into a new home. However, with finance transfers not required in the same way as when buying a property, tenancy starts are spread over Fridays and Saturdays.

The most popular day of the week to begin a tenancy is Friday, accounting for 24% of tenancy starts over the last three years. The next most popular day is Saturday with 22% of tenancy starts.

Our analysis also reveals that the three most popular days of the year to begin a tenancy are 1st July, 1st August and 1st September. This year the 1st September looks set to be the busiest day of the year, falling on a Saturday.

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