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By lucmin on 19th November 2019

When selling your property, it is always worth considering its suitability for a physically-impaired buyer – and not just from their perspective!

Most sellers hope that exposure to the maximum number of buyers will enable a fast sale at a good price and there is certainly truth in this. However, the smart estate agent will also assess the property for one of the most reliable types of buyer – someone who has a specific need. These buyers are discerning in unique ways, and understanding their priorities could make your property more attractive than you might imagine.

For example, whilst many buyers might reject a property on a noisy road, a profoundly deaf buyer is less likely to have a problem with the location issue and will recognise the additional value for money such a property offers.

Helping buyers who have sadly suffered some form of catastrophic injury can also pay dividends to all concerned. These buyers, potentially wheelchair-bound, will be very clear on their requirements, such as easy, level, access and wide doors, over and above other aspects that regular buyers might regard as important.

Many of these buyers have suffered some form of trauma, possibly due to personal injury or clinical negligence. These unfortunate events often result in substantial financial settlements, meaning that these buyers do not need a mortgage, and any sale of their previous home is unlikely to be linked to their onward purchase. These two stumbling blocks to a swift and successful purchase are non-issues for this type of buyer. Furthermore, they may well have a financial advisor and a personal assistant who can liaise with estate agents and conveyancers to facilitate a smooth move.

Most important of all is that if you can recognise the potential in your property for disabled purchasers, then you will be helping them move on to the next stage in their life, whilst also enabling you to move too. Win, win?

Please feel free to call us on 01242 257333 or 01452 597994 to discuss how your property might suit this, and other, niche markets. We specialise in finding creative solutions for our varied client base.

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