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How To Make The Most Out Of Winter Viewings On Your Property

By lucmin on 26th October 2020

How To Make The Most Out Of Winter Viewings On Your Property


Whether we want them to be or not, the Winter months are fast approaching and subsequently, cold and wet ones too!

It goes without saying that most vendors prefer the summer months to show their home in beautiful natural lighting however, lots can be said about the benefits of Winter viewings. We want to show you how you can make a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your viewer without breaking the bank.

Here are Move’s top tips!

  1. Mix it up: Textured throws and blankets are super on trend at the bottom and we bet you have a few of them lying around already. Grab 2 or 3 blankets and position them on your sofa to immediately create a ‘snug’ surrounding. Use this as a time to experiment with different colours and textures to draw the eye towards the sofa. If you are unsure on how to best position your blankets, there is plenty of inspiration on Pinterest.


  1. Best Seat in the house: If your family is anything like ours, we bet each family member has a favourite seat or area that they like to sit in, so why not monopolise on this? Think about why certain areas are your favourite and utilise their strength. For example, if as a family you enjoy sitting together on the sofas, why not try taking away some of the surrounding furniture to create a centralised feel for the sofa and draw attention towards it. The affect of just having the one source of seating in a living room is that it provides a connotation to the viewer that this is a united family home and that they could have this too!


  1. Crackling Flames: It comes no surprise that viewers will associate an open fire with a blissfully cosy surrounding however, not everyone will have an open fireplace. Instead, why not try using YouTube to play a video of a flame on a tv? This is particularly effective if the tv is wall mounted. Often the visual aid of seeing a fake fire with create a warm atmosphere and perhaps provide the viewer with ideas to how they could incorporate a real one. Of course, if you have an open fireplace and if it is safe to do so, why not try lighting it during viewings? Alternatively, if your fireplace is not a working one, why not fill the void space with fairy lights or with attractive wooden logs?


  1. Burn Baby, Burn: Similarly to the above, candles can automatically create a perfect illusion of warmth in a rom. Furthermore, if a scented candle is used, there is also the additional benefit of a beautiful smell in your home. Due to the safety aspect, we would recommend purchasing some electric candles (which can often come scented too!) to fill your home with. They will have the same affect of a real candle; however, you are not burdened by the risk. The affect of flickering candlelight and the glow of the (electric) flame can do wonders for creating a snug paradise.


  1. Bright Lights: Try to avoid these. In winter months, bright lighting could cause the area to look unattractive by creating a ‘clinical’ feel. Instead, try using a dimmer switch to control the lighting and make use different height lamps to denote a peaceful feel in the room. It should be noted that you do not want to make a house too dark to the point where prospective buyers cannot accurately see the room.


  1. Bring out your inner designer: Alongside the blankets and throws, why not use some bright and earthy toned cushions to add some ‘oomph’ to your living room? By using some colour indoors, it will no doubt make up for the lack of sunshine outdoors!


  1. Soft to the Touch: If your property already features a large amount of carpet, you are pretty much sorted on this point however, if your property contains hard wood flooring, make use of rugs to introduce a texture under the viewer’s feet and added warmth.

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