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We are the local PIN (Property Investor Network) ‘lettings expert’. If you are serious about property, please do come along to meet like-minded investors along with property experts alike.

Testimonials from two of our latest clients…

“Rented, managed and sold. I bought an investment property in Cheltenham whilst living in Australia and rented it out with George and the MOVE team’s help. It was rented out for 2 and a half years to brilliant tenants with little to no problems, at a price well above the average. It was the quality of the property combined with the great commercial nous that enabled this…

I decided that I would sell my property for the right price in c.August 2015. I tasked George with the job of Selling and he delivered in a marvellous fashion. 2 days later I had a FULL ASKING PRICE, cash offer, from an investor within Georges network which was absolutely fantastic. The selling process was smooth and George was great to deal with and was a true professional. Highly recommended. Happy to elaborate on this review if anyone needs me too. sildenafil Sam

“I have used Move for the last 18 months after they stepped in to the breach when I was having a challenge with another local agent. George and his team rolled their sleeves up and sorted out numerous issues for me and took a huge weight off my shoulders. Since then they have been instrumental in helping to source additional properties and providing advice, but best of all treating the properties, the tenants and myself with true professionalism. Highly recommended” online James

Please see the link below to our numerous great reviews and recommendations.